HOMEWORK: Stock Market Data

Using the PivotTable created in the Stock Market case study, complete the following:

1) Create a calculated field named "Daily Spread" (High - Low), formatted as currency with two decimal places. On which date in the sample did Amazon (AMZN) see the largest price spread? (note: you may have to remove the Daily Change field)

2) Sort dates oldest to newest, and conditionally format the Daily Spread field as a Color Scale, from white (lower values) to green (higher values). Since a large price spread isn't necessarily good or bad, edit the color scale to show shades from white to blue (instead of green).

3) Drag in another instance of Volume, and show values as Difference From the previous date. When did Google (GOOG) see the largest day-over-day gain in trading volume? The largest drop?

Answers below (no cheating!)

  1. 10/23/2009
  2. See screenshot:
  3. +28,353 on 10/15, -56,256 on 10/19

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